Welcome to our blog! The original duo, Ambo & Gweg, met, fell in love, and married in the whirlwind first half of 2004.

Since then our adventures range from graduations, vacations, and pregnancies to cross-country moves, crazy weather, and our first home.

Ambo & Gweg welcomed new adventurers along the way: Jared (c. May 2008), Annabelle (c. November 2009), Luke (c. September 2012), Malcolm (c. December 2014) and our dog, Jedi (c. May 2016).

In February 2009, we moved to Texas where Greg works as an engineer for a research company and Amber attempts to keep up with the four kidlets & dog, craft, cook, and clean up what accompanies all four!

No matter what life may bring we try to always enjoy the adventure!


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