Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Whenever life gets busy around here I think of the magician in "Frosty the Snowman." In order to not get coal, Santa shows him mercy and asks him to do some lines before dawn on Christmas morning. He is so excited to get started and says, "I've got to get busy writing. Busy. Busy. Busy."

I feel like that is our life right now.

With the kid's school, Greg's work, our church callings, constant health problems, and the whole being "PTA President" thing... live is just busy. busy. busy. The busy mode gave me an excuse to neglect this blog. I'm now THREE AND A HALF years behind. It hurts to type that sentence. I began this blog as a family history... and I don't want anything missed. Hopefully, as I start my new resolve to keep up with this, I'll be able to fill in the gaps in the past. Here are some 'quick' updates:

GREG: is in the midst of closing and opening of numerous projects. Which means his work lately has been lots and lots of writing. He hopes to get some things going so he can be actively researching again. Over the summer he accomplished a few home projects: tool holder, built-in shelves in the playroom, and organized the garage. He still works with the Cub Scouts at church and it's been an adventure since Jared started to go in May. He still has back problems and since I've started my recovery, I've been pushing to get him back in--- hopefully it'll work.

AMBER: so so busy and full of emotions. I had my first cortisone shots yesterday and I'm still sore from it. I REALLY hope I can balance all of my responsibilities and still give my best to each area. I feel like everything is suffering because of my lingering issues from the car accident, however, I know that's not the best train of thought. I try to remember that I have heavenly helpers and a great earthly support system. Right now, PTA takes a lot of time, but it's a brand new PTA, so we're just getting things going. I've been doing Primary Chorister now since January and I still LOVE it. I feel the Spirit teaching gospel truths almost every Sunday. We're currently working on the songs for the primary program next month.

JARED: is thriving in THIRD grade. His teacher is so sweet, fun and incredible; one of the bonuses about being a PTA leader is having established relationships with the teachers, so I feel able to talk to her about anything. She is amazed at his smarts and hopes to be able to channel it to right uses--- instead of the wiggly ones. ;) He's currently working on being more patient with his siblings. He loves Cub Scouts and is working hard at getting his Bobcat.

ANNABELLE: is also excelling in FIRST grade. She, like her brother before, was able to pass the GT tests and get into the program in Kindergarten--- one of two kids. She's quippy, independent, very helpful, caring and usually very teachable. Her teacher is also outstanding and very open. The kids absolutely love the new school and I know it has a lot to do with the administration and their desire to be an open and loving campus. She, along with Jared, started piano lessons this summer and they're loving it--- Annabelle is progressing a little slower, so she needs more prodding to practice. All I have to say is, "no one complained about learning to play the piano" and she goes right to practice.

LUKE: is always on-the-go. His recovery period for his surgery was pretty fast; we had to keep reminding him that he had to wait to eat certain things and he was not happy. He's so happy that his preschool started up again. This MIGHT be his last year, it might not. We have flexibility since his birthday is the deadline to go to school---- we'll play it by ear as the year passes. He loves to be apart of the action and does not like being too small to do things. He's at that age right now that he loves to assert his independence in ANYTHING. Even if he's wrong--- which is definitely a challenge--- but we'll get there. He also FINALLY graduated out of nighttime pull-ups. Woo hoo!

MALCOLM: is three months from two and full of energy and life. He has grown so much since his palate repair surgery. He has LOTS of words: mama, dada, de-dye (Jedi), Bah-bell (Annabelle), Det's Doh (let's go), Det doh (let go), awht awht (hot), psh (push), nah (nose), dat (that) and a couple more random ones. He's FINALLY eating more big people food than formula, but still only drinks his milk out of a bottle. Every time we try to change it to a cup, he looks at us like we're crazy people. He loves to be around his siblings and loves Jedi.

JEDI: our newest family member, is doing great. We've adjusted to having a dog over last four months like we were meant to have him. We found out he has an allergy of sorts, to bug bites, so has to be on two flea/tick/heartworm meds. He loves to play: especially loves to tear apart tennis balls, play fetch with his rope, and... I kid you not... play with a laser. IT. IS. HILARIOUS. He still needs to be formally trained, but he knows 'sit,' 'stay,' 'lay/down,' 'come,' and 'shake.' His chewing on things, besides his rope, has tapered down and we're 90% sure his previous owner abused him in some form or another. He LOVES to cuddle like a lap dog, even though he's 26+ lbs and loves being here. He got out in the front, and I've been so paranoid about that happening because I was worried he'd run. We didn't chase after him, called his name and he turned around and came back inside. I guess that's a stamp of approval on living with us.

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