Monday, November 30, 2015

Thankful Turkey 2015

In all honestly, we got super behind this year because of the crazy month. So, one night, we sat down and did 12 in a row because we were THAT far behind.  I was determined to do it though because this is a tradition that must be kept. We love Tom the Turkey--- he's the first thing the kids ask for when we unpack the Thanksgiving decorations. :)

Greg: Luke, Belle, Jared, Amber, Mal, my parents, in-laws, gospel, good books, Cub Scouts, little giggles, supportive co-workers, couches, helpful family, rest, cuddles, heater, friends, my job, Atonement, choir, priesthood, Key Lime Pies, time off work, creativity

Amber: scriptures, Greg, water, good car, baseball, music, Jared, Annabelle, Luke, Malcolm, temple, crafting, kiddo cuddles, revelation, Daddy's job, Jesus, service, quiet time, Atonement, USA, nice clothes, modern medicine, our parents, priesthood, holidays

Jared: family, our house, friends, my toys, my brothers & sister, treats, Oba & Jiji, Mom & Dad, Mema & Deda, Annabelle, Gramma Barb, my birthday, Jesus, temple, the Earth, Star Wars, Luke, Malcolm, TV, Thanksgiving, pumpkins, Tom the Turkey, dinosaurs, Six Flags, helping out, turkey

Annabelle: Malcolm, Luke, Jared, Daddy, Mommy, Tom the Turkey, doing crafts, our house, Heavenly Father, me, Jesus, the Earth, animals, school, my friends, our health, pumpkins, Oba & Jiji, Mema & Deda, Gramma Barb, great-grandparents, my body, singing, dancing, Anna & Elsa, birthdays

Luke: beds, safe places, Oba & Jiji, noses, tongues, having fun, Mama, Jedis, Mickey, Annabelle, Mickey Boat, Mema & Deda, looking at pictures, my brothers, watching my Jared brother, Daddy, being a sunbeam, eating food, friends at preschool, Tom & Jerry, cuddles with Oba, watching movies, having water, Shoe Roller Coaster at Six Flags,  McQueen, playing games with the family

Malcolm (as told by others): bathtime, playtime, places to scoot, milk, diapers, highchair, drums, blue blankie, thick bones, Annabelle, giggles, peek-a-boo, teeth, stuffed Chewie, big boy food, walking, family, naps, toys, shoes, jumper, Mom & Dad, pumpkin, waffles, grandparents, brothers & sister

Happy Thanksgiving from our little herd to yours!

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