Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Our Third Baby is THREE!

It is so hard to believe that Luke is THREE!

Weight: 34 lbs 4 oz (75%)
Height: 37 3/4 (75%)
Hair: whispy strawberry blonde
Eyes: Brown
Teeth: still 20 :)
Shoe Size: 8
Clothes Size: 3T pants, mostly 4T shirts
Nicknames: Lukie, Pookie, Pookie-Pants, Luke-the-Duke, LP,  Lukie Luke
 the family, Green Blankie, Mickey Mouse, dancing, singing "imperial march"
Dislikes: being tied down
Favorite Food: mac & cheese--- pizza--- apples--- crackers--- yay for the apples because the rest of his diet is carb-based
Favorite Toys: He loves all of the cars and little people--- he's starting to get interested in Legos... I sense I Christmas present...
Favorite Books: Red Hat, Green Hat, Blue Hat by Sandra Boyton. The kid cracks up every. single. time. we read it.
Favorite Things to Watch: Mickey & Octonauts are still preferable, however he LOVES Qua-Quem (McQueen) and Cars now.
Words: He's a talker now--- but it's mostly Luk-ese and people usually need us to translate.
Other New Tricks: He's a ball of energy. He love to be around his siblings (and is super sad now that Annabelle goes to school every day). He loves to help and is starting to find his own voice. He's mostly potty-trained now, only nights with pull-ups.
What's next: Enjoying his first year at preschool... Making sure the potty training sticks so he can go into the kids club on the cruise in December.
How he drives us crazy: He's still a messy, messy boy. He'll make ANYTHING a mess. It's a gift, I think. He's starting to react emotionally to things, so we're trying to teach how to deal with that... wish us luck.
Why he's so awesome: He's still very chill. He brings a great temperament to the family--- maybe he'll be the peacemaker, I don't know. He loves to make up stories and, so far, loves preschool. He's so adventurous and full of life.

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