Friday, June 12, 2015

6 Months of Mal

STATS: Weight:  13 lbs 11 oz (2%)  Length: 24 inches long (5%)   Head Circ: 17 inches (10%)--- He's OFFICIALLY on the chart in all three catagories! WOO HOO! Having a preemie is tricky business, and he wasn't even in the NICU. His length is the same as last month, but we think it's because he was wiggly.

SLEEP:  This kid just doesn't like to sleep through the night. I never knew how spoiled we were before. It might be a combination of us getting older and being overtired, but it's hard. We've started to say he's the hardest of our babies. He's so worth it, but man, we didn't know what I difficult baby was until Mal. This month he FINALLY started having longer stretches of sleeping (6-8 hours) but it's not consistent.

FOOD:  He has definitely grown, so we're still doing nursing AND bottles. I'm even toying with the idea of being all done with nursing because it is just so hard for both of us. He seems to struggle every time he latches and has to relearn. As of now, he nurses 4 to 5 times and has 4 bottles, as well.

PLAYING/TOYS: He loves to play, especially when the kids play with them. He rolls all over the place now--- he doesn't have barrings, but it's still fun to see him somewhat mobile. He shoves everything in his mouth and, in the next few days that'll include baby food--- FINALLY!

PERSONALITY: He's still chill, but not chill. Opinionated is definitely a good word for him. He loves to laugh, especially at his siblings but seriously CRACKED up at finding the baby in the mirror. Hilarious!

MILESTONES:  Rolled over--- not consistently though*** Reflux meds (FINALLY)***

RANDOM:  This baby has the whole family wrapped around his fingers. The kids were around when I took his wookie pictures this month, and they could not stop laughing. Mal wouldn't stop chewing on him and playing with him, so giggles would ensue from the rest of the herd. It's so much fun to see so much love.

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