Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Malcolm at Three Months

STATS: Weight:  7 lbs 12 oz  Length: 21 inches long   Head Circ: 20 cm--- Our sweet little boy is getting bigger, it's just slow and steady, like the tortoise. :) We'll see if he gets to 8 lbs by four months **fingers crossed**

SLEEP:  Still unpredictable. Doc says its because he's so small, so if we get him to grow more, then he'll sleep more.

FOOD:  He's been exclusive on Mama-milk, but I have a sneaky suspension that it isn't very nurishing

PLAYING/TOYS:  About the same as last month.

PERSONALITY: He loves to smile coo and be awake and aware. He's super wiggly and loves watching his siblings.

MILESTONES:  His biggest milestone this month is that it's going to be on reflux meds now! Woo hoo! Hopefully this will help the food/growth/feeding/weight problem.

RANDOM:  We all love our little baby. He loves to smile and coo. Since he's small, he doesn't sleep very well, but it'll happen. He's got the whole family wrapped around his fingers.

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