Monday, January 12, 2015

Malcolm's First Month

Mal & Chewy: Month #1
STATS: Weight:  6 lbs 1 oz  Length: 19 inches long   Head Circ: 14 cm--- She didn't give me any percentages because of how small Mal was from the beginning.  She said he won't be on the charts for another few months, but he's growing consistently, so there's no need to worry.

SLEEP:  All the time.  He is only a month old.  He wakes up once or twice a night and we all get about a 5 hour block of sleep--- as long as we go to sleep around the time he goes to sleep.  Which is pretty good for a month old whose smaller than most newborns.

FOOD:  Mal's a little different than his siblings.  Because of his size, he won't nurse on one side, so I've had to pump exclusively on that side. Needless-to-say, this situation has made feeding really difficult.  The hospital nurses said to give it time, since he's a preemie. In the mean time, he supplement with half breastmilk, half preemie formula--- so he can have more food/calories.  The bonus with this is that everyone else can help with his feedings--- Annabelle LOVES this.

PLAYING/TOYS:  The kids love talking and feeding him, and he's spent a couple of times underneath his gym--- that's about it for our little guy. Everyone is looking forward to when he interacts a little bit more.

PERSONALITY:  Mal certainly lets himself be known--- he figured out how to use his lungs from the beginning.  It's super cute and sad at the same time because you don't want to see him sad.

MILESTONES:  Sleeping five hours. ***First Christmas ***First bath*** First Sea World adventure*** First family fun day ***  First Restaurant visit*** Graduating from preemie clothes and diapers*** He tries to hold up his head, which is surprising for his size, but not for his age.

RANDOM:  Right now the focus in on getting him eating and growing.  The doctor warned me not to expect it to happen the same way as the other kids, so it's a whole new ball-of-wax. I'm looking forward to his body clock to be a little more scheduled and less random, so I can attempt to find a way to get things done around the house and take care of the rest of the family.


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