Wednesday, December 10, 2014

An Early Christmas Present

Malcolm Aaron surprised everyone and came 5 weeks early. Born at 138 am, on 12.10. 5lbs, 16 inches long.
We're both doing well and if he passes all his tests, he'll come home with me.
Merry early Christmas to us!
Prayers and happy thoughts are always appreciated.

The name story: When we found out Mal was a boy, we were kind of surprised. Totally excited, but surprised. All of our previous names from Jared and Luke quickly failed--- none of them seemed to fit. We knew his middle name would be 'Aaron' after Greg, but we were stuck on his first name. I started looking for awesomely classic names. As I was making a list to email Greg, I saw a link to an article title, "Baby names for the Sci-Fi family." An article perfect for us. I clicked on the link and started to read the list. One name popped out to me because I knew how much Greg loved the show it was from. Malcolm. From the short-lived, amazingly awesome show, Firefly--- which happens to be one of Greg's favorite shows. So, I knew if I emailed this name to him, he'd agree. I believe picking names are very spiritual experiences, so I thought I wouldn't email him the name--- however, at the moment I thought that another thought came into my head, 'this is his name.' Done. So--- I emailed Greg a list of a names and at the bottom I said "or we could name him Malcolm Aaron and call him Mal." He emailed back and said 'done... we could also call him "Captain Tightpants.'

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