Wednesday, December 3, 2014

34 Weeks & an Ultrasound

How far along: 34 weeks (I know I skipped a few updates...)
Weight Gain this month, Total Weight Gain:  20 lbs since 18 weeks, 160 lbs
Approximate Size of Baby:  cantaloupe
Maternity Clothes:  Exclusively and ready to get out of them.
Sleep:  I've had BH contractions for a while now--- but nothing serious. Sometimes they wake me up, most of the time Baby M wakes me up to pee.
Memorable Moments:  Since my last update, we found a name that we both LOVE and it totally feels perfect for this baby. He's super active. The kids loves to tell me I'm getting bigger and they all love to lay on my body to feel the baby kick them. It's pretty funny. I also had my emergency appendectomy when I was 20 weeks--- which was super scary and also really spiritual. I felt Jay and my Granni with me, comforting me, and reminding me that we would both be okay. I also KNEW he was a boy and KNEW what his name was. Annabelle really wants him to be born before Christmas--- Daddy really wants him to be born before the end of the year--- I guess we'll have to wait and see what he wants to do.
Movement:  Super active--- especially after I eat something.
Exercise:  Being a mom of a first grader, preschooler and toddler are enough exercise for me right now.
Food Cravings/Aversions:  The only issue I have it not being able to eat too much. I ate too much at Thanksgiving and spent the better part of the evening laying on my parent's couch trying not to think about the
Not-so-Fun Symptoms:  I'm near the end, so I'm big, tired and ready for the baby to come... but totally okay with him cooking some more. :)
Status of Belly-Button: gone
What I Miss:  Being able to play with my kids and still have energy. (still miss that)
What I'm looking forward to:  I'm holding off getting ready for the hospital until we finish with our December Relief Society meeting next week... after that I'll get the hospital bag and other things ready for M. Holding my sweet baby and being family of six. Not wearing maternity clothes anymore.
Anything Else:  He's growing like his siblings, so just like my last two babies, I had an ultrasound today to make sure he wasn't too small. It was fun to see him again, he looks great and I'm so excited for these holidays to hurry so he can be out of me and be in the land of air-breathers.

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