Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Annabelle's 2nd ---and last--- First Day of Pre-K

Annabelle had her first day of her new preschool today (hence the title--- since she really had her first day of preschool last year).  We decided to change to an actual school this year, so she could have some school (i.e. not jumping around) experience.  A few of our friends had enjoyed sending their kids to her new school, so Luke and I checked it out during the spring this year.

Almost immediately, I knew this school was the right fit for her.  Once, I told her she'd be going to preschool with her best friend, she asked me almost DAILY when it was time to go to 'her new school.'  This went on. all. summer. long.

Last week, less than a week from my appendectomy, I had to attend Parent Orientation and, then we went to Meet-the-Teacher.  If it was possible, I was even more excited to send Annabelle there and knew she'd love it.  When we went to M-t-T, I couldn't get her to leave once I got her there.

Luke was really cute because he REALLY wanted to stay.  Maybe next year, buddy. I actually had to pick him up for the first time in almost two weeks--- and it was hard.  I'm technically not supposed to be holding him yet, but he really didn't give me much of choice, since he started taking off.  I don't know if he's gained weight since my surgery, but I certainly have missed holding him.

When the time came to actually leave today, she ran in and didn't look back.  After talking with the office for a few minutes, I had to find her to say goodbye.  She got comfortable real fast.  I'm pretty sure she's going to have a great year before she heads off to the adventure of kindergarten.

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