Tuesday, July 8, 2014

13 Weeks

**back posting how I felt with each month of this pregnancy, since this is the first pregnancy post, I'll include all of the categories and then add/subtract them when they are relevant** 

How far along: 13 weeks exactly
Weight Gain this month, Total Weight Gain:  less than 5 lbs, 9ish lbs
Approximate Size of Baby:  Kidney Bean :)
Gender:  Gotta wait a few more months for that
Maternity Clothes:  using my Bellyband, but I'm still fitting into most of my clothes.
Sleep:  Constantly tired.  I fall asleep pretty easily right now, which is usually hard for me to do.
Memorable Moments:  We told Jared & Bellie about the baby yesterday.  Jared asked how the baby got there.  Greg responded, Heavenly Father put it there.  Jared: How did he do that?  Greg (stumped):  You'll find out when you're older.

Movement:  Not yet... but excited for it
Exercise:  Keeping up after Jared & Annabelle; strolling around the neighborhood... Segway ride for Greg's birthday in a couple of weeks... it's exercise ;)
Food Cravings/Aversions:  Only thing I can really handle right now is cereal, bread, eggs, and meat.  Everything else makes me nauseated for the rest of the day.  I also CANNOT drink any kind of carbonated beverage.  The first week, I went for a drink of Sprite and it was INSTANT nausea.  I've never had such a strong reaction to food while pregnant before (except the smell of coffee with Jared--- I can't stand that now too--- good thing we don't drink it).
Not-so-Fun Symptoms:  SUPER tired.  I get so easily tired right now, so Greg's picking up a lot of my slack.  I'm really
Labor Signs:  Sure hope not!
Status of Belly-Button: just fine, fitting into some of my pants is a different story
What I Miss:  Being able to eat normally.
What I'm looking forward to:  The 2nd Trimester (hopefully, no more nausea, tiredness and worrying about losing the baby), Feeling the baby move
Anything Else:  Since I had two miscarriages previous to this pregnancy, I spent most of the first couple weeks I knew I was pregnant going back and forth to my doctor.  She wanted to make sure my hormone levels were increasing normally.  Even though I've been to the doctor, I few times I still haven't heard the heartbeat.  I didn't hear it during the last visit because I saw it on the ultrasound.


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