Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Jared was supposed to get his tonsils and adenoids out today.  I've been using this time before mentlely prepping myself that everything would be okay.  (Like it wouldn't be... because Jared's ENT is incredible and very experienced).

However, we had to reschedule it for next Wednesday (the day before Deda comes for a weekend visit) because Jared and his BFF Caleb LOVE to share everything and this weekend Jared finally picked up the Scarlet Fever Caleb had last week.  The poor boy was not himself on Sunday, so tired and barely ate three crackers.  I took him to the doctor the next day and between getting up and actually going he broke out with the classic rash.  No worries, though, it's just Strep with a rash (it's great what modern medicine can fight).

He actually had to stay home a couple days this week.  The first day, he still felt out of it, but on the second day, he kept asking me for things to do.  Um... rest and get better?  Psht--- way too boring for this Kindergarten!  I don't know what he's going to do when he's home recovering for a week.

So, since he got sick, we have to wait until after he's done with his medicine---which will be next Tuesday--- so Wednesday.  Time to relive the 'week before prep' all over again.  It's a blessing we had to reschedule since we have a big birthday weekend ahead of us... a Princess Party and our little Annabelle turning FOUR!

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