Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gratitude Turkey 2013

I kind of dropped the ball the last five days before Thanksgiving, but we still did most of the month, so it still counts... right?  Our list still has plenty of things we are grateful for... in order it goes:

Greg, Amber, Jared, Annabelle, & Luke*

1:  Friends, Coupons, Burgers & Fries, Grilled Cheese, feet
2:  Leaves, Our Van, Mommy cleaning my cut, Sea World, Sweet Rides
3:  Primary Teachers, Books, Sleep, Temples, his stuffed Mario
4:  Home Teachers, Doctors, Medicine, Jesus, Mom
5:  Mommy, Daddy, Thanksgiving, Mommy, Noodles
6:  Jared, The Spirit, Mrs. Miller, Turkeys, Green Blankie
7:  Belle, Carpools, The Prophet, Preschool, Naps
8:  Service, Willing Helpers, Birthday Cake, My Party, Jared & Belle
9:  Luke, Asgard, Books, Mema & Deda, Using Signs
11:  Work, Aunt Meggie, The Earth, Books, Blocks
12:  Priesthood, Priesthood, Daddy, Oba & Jiji, Milk
13**:  Good Books, Anthesthia, My Tonsils coming out, Jared, Oba
14:  Grandparents, Phone Alarms, My Life, Leaves, Cheerios
15:  Patience, Chocolate, My Family, Heavenly Father, Daddy
16:  Race Cars, Technology, Trying New Food, Aunt Megan, Kitty-Kat Maggie
17:  Ward Members, Sharing Talents, Church, Church, Sippy Cups
18:  Medicine, Rocking Chairs, Rest, Daddy, Cuddles
19:  Co-Workers, Tile Floors, Ice Cream, Luke, Balls
20:  Callings, Good Blankets, School, Gatorade, Boxes
21:  Cuddles, Alone Time with the Kids, Special Thanksgiving Food, Priesthood, Learning New Things
22:  Showers, Prayer, Doctors, Granni & Grandad, New Teeth
23:  Testimony, Warm Jackets, My Body, Prayer, Playing in the Decorations

*Since he's only got a couple words under his belt, we took turns saying what Luke was most grateful for.
**Day of Jared's Surgery

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