Thursday, November 14, 2013

Four Years of Annabellie

It's so hard to believe that she's four!

Weight: 37 lbs (50 %)
Height: 40 1/2 inches (75 %)
Hair: whispy strawberry blonde
Eyes: depends on the day--- dark to amber brown
nothing's changed
Shoe Size: 8 to 10--- depending on the shoes ;)
Clothes Size:  5T dresses and shirts, 4T shorts/skirts
Nicknames: Belle, Annabellie, Bellie, Little Mama, Little Girl, Sissy, turkey, button
Luke, Jared, Daddy, Mommy, Pink Blankie, anything Disney Princess, Sea World, anything girly/princessy, singing--- the newest thing I would add to the list would be COLORING and art.  She will take any opportunity to sit and color in one of her MANY coloring books or create something new.
Dislikes: she absolutely HATES (and I try not to use that word a lot) being bossed around--- she's a very independent soul, Luke touching her stuff, and she's recently become a much more picky eater--- much to the frustration of her parents.  Dinner conversations sometimes go like this...
A: I don't like this
M/D: You've had this before.  You ate it up last time
A: Well, I don't like it now.
Favorite Food:  Mac & Cheese with Chocolate Milk is still her meal of choice.  She also gobbles up tortellinis, most burgers, cheese pizza (anything cheese actually), and Japanese food (phew).
Favorite Toys: Princesses & their Castle, her baby dolls and her big dollie Princesses.
Favorite Books: Scripture Stories, All of her Princess books, her new mini Book of Mormon
Favorite Things to Watch: She'll still watch Mickey and Disney Princess movies (without the scary parts).  She also now likes Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood A LOT.  I hear the songs from that show ALL. THE. TIME.
Other New Tricks:  She's gotten really good at writing her letters.  She usually mentions something new every time she comes home from preschool.  The other night in the car, she counted to 29 and got stuck at 30--- it was cute.  She picks up songs really easily and in relationship to her new love of coloring, she's started to color in the lines and be particular in her colors.
What's next: Continue to learn to count, Reading more stories, remembering to use words when she communicates
How she drives us crazy: Her independent (and very similar to my) nature gets us to not listen to each other fairly easy.  We want her to be able to make choices, but sometimes she doesn't listen to us before she makes those choices (like most of us).  She also does a little bit of reverting when Luke gets too much attention (i.e. whining, pointing, using one word)--- frustrating considering she's been talking since the womb... well, not THAT early.
Why she's so awesome: She's my girl and keeps me sane among all of the boy-ness.  She's so sweet and loves to take care of anyone and everyone.  She's also willing to be silly with me, even if it may be embarassing.  She's also really thoughtful; she made FOUR Get Well cards for Jared's surgery yesterday.  I don't know what we're going to do with all of her art projects, but she usually makes something for a specific reason in her mind.  Already willing to serve.  Her smile also lights up the room, or your mood, because she looks at you with complete adoration.  Annabellie-button is the best button girl for our family.  Luke and I definitely miss her on preschool days and I think her growing-up will be the hardest on both Greg and I.

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