Thursday, August 1, 2013

Luke: 11 Months

STATS:  He's beginning to be a moose--- I'm excited to see his stats next month to see just how big he is.

SLEEP:  He still has a great sleep schedule, I should probably think about moving him to one nap a day....

FOOD:  The biggest news in this area this month is that I had to stop nursing.  Something about this time frame for babies and I get more and more infections.  I wish I understood my body a little better so I could go a little bit longer, HOWEVER I'm very grateful that I can nurse this long.  Which means he had his first waffles and milk this month.

PLAYING/TOYS: He's the mischievous little baby we've been waiting for now that he's mobile.  With that, almost everything goes in his mouth now.... what a fun age.  He REALLY likes bath time.  He splashes like he'll never get the chance to splash again and most of the time, the person who's bathing him gets a wee bit on the wet side.

PERSONALITY:  He's still cool and chill, but he'll have random moments where he'll just scream for no reason.  New trick that's not really exciting... just loud.  He's also starting to get a little bugged when Jared or Annabelle hug him too long.  He must be cuddled with before he goes to bed, which I don't mind because there will be a day when he doesn't want to do that anymore.

MILESTONES: 7/8/13-- He's fast at crawling now and today he booked it to the dishwasher to help everyone unload.  He wasn't facing me for a minute and he had dislodged the bottom rack; apparently, Luke has some muscles!  He can totally pull himself up now. *** 7/13/13- 7th tooth! *** 7/23/13-- first banana waffles

RANDOM: We absolutely ADORE Luke.

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