Friday, August 2, 2013

A Temple Walk

This equation made our morning a bit more spontaneous than originally planned.

Antsy Kids + Z & K not seeing the temple yet = Morning Temple Trip

In all seriousness, it had been a while since I took the kids to walk around, so I just used Z & K as an excuse to get out of the house and take my kids somewhere special.  Besides our home, there no place like the temple. 

It was such a beautiful morning and the kids were super good.  I even tried to get a cute picture of the three of them and the temple, but we added something to the mix that Luke has very little experience with... real grass.  Like healthy green grass.  Unless you have a permit to water, no one has grass that green--- it's probably the one thing I don't like about South Texas.  So, when I sat Luke down on the grass, he did not like it.  So, I took a couple pictures, in hopes that one looked semi-decent before I had to save my baby.

One of my favorite reasons for taking the kids to walk around the temple every few months is because they try to go in it.  Annabelle always asks if she can go in and then we talk about when she will be able to go in.  I'm so grateful that we have a temple close enough to do these kinds of adventures.  I want my children to know how important it is to strive for eternal covenants made in the temple.

This building, and the promises made inside, is the reason why mortal partings, like Granni & Jay, are able to bare.  Because of temples, we will see them again.  I hope we're doing the best we can to teach & show them--- because that's the most important part about being a parent--- showing them the way home.

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