Monday, August 26, 2013

Jared's First: Day of School

First off:  I can't believe I'm writing about Jared's first day of school.  When, oh when, did he get so old?  It feels like we just had him...

The night before we prepared for the day.  Set clothes out, packed his lunch & backpack, and talked about what would happen the next morning.  We ended the night by Greg giving him a Father's blessing.  Among the things said were:  he would have strength to be a good example, listen & learn what is being taught & be healthy throughout the year.  I know I've said it lots of times before, but since it's our blog.... I'm so grateful for Greg and his worthiness to be able to hold and use the Priesthood.  So so grateful.

Since Jared and his BBF, Caleb have been pretty inseperable since they were under two, so it's only natural that they went to their first day of school together.  So, we had our first day of school carpool.  The boys were so excited and nervous, much like their Mommies.

Once we got to school, they walked hand-in-hand while we lingered back.  I did because I wanted to soak in all of the first day feelings; plus, I didn't want to think about it too much or I'd get emotional.  Before we went in, we had the boys pose at the entrance.  It's nice to do stuff like this before they're 'too cool' to do this.

The boys aren't in the same class, but they're right next door, so we walked them to their separate lines and waited for the bell to ring.  After the bell rang, it was time to say goodbye.  Luckily, we had a place to go in the library.  There was a 'Cry It Out' Breakfast; we were able to talk with some of the teachers and other parents about school and what to expect.  By the time we left, the kindergartens were getting ready to go to their specials and Kim was able to see Caleb--- without him seeing her.

After school (which felt longer than it probably was), we went together to pick them up.  The boys were cute talking about their days; when Jared got home, he asked if he would be able to go back the next day.  Yep, buddy, for the next few years, or so. :)  I think the hardest part about adjusting to school will be getting used to going to bed and getting up early; and if that's our only major adjust, I'll consider it a win. :)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back to School with Buddy

The current phase of obsession for Jared right now is dinosaurs (not really news, I know); and since he likes them, Annabelle likes them.  One of the kids' favorite shows, and probably one of the reasons he started to like Dinosaurs is {Dinosaur Train}.  Just in case you don't know, it's a preschool show on PBS that follows a family of Pternandons (and one t-rex) as they meet all different kinds of dinosaurs.  How do they do this, you ask?  On a time-traveling train, of course!

When you suspend your disbelief for a just a few seconds, you'll see it's a fun show.  Anyway, one of the main characters (arguably the main character) is Buddy the T-Rex.  Yesterday he was in town, and since we met Daniel for Annabelle {last week}, Jared REALLY wanted to meet Buddy.

Not only was Buddy in town, he was downtown.  We weren't really sure we wanted to fight the crazy downtown crowds, but Jared wouldn't stop talking about the chance to meet Buddy.  And since he's getting ready to go to school, we decided to go.  So, we left really early (everyone, including Uncle Zakie) to brave the crowds and meet the hypothesis-testing dinosaur.

He happened to be at the Children's Museum, which normally has a price tag to get in, but because of the Buddy event, it was free.  Free meant the line to get in was long--- even if you arrive right on time.  So, we waited in the hot sun for an hour while the line widdled away.  We were almost in the building, when one of the workers came out and said they couldn't guarantee Buddy would still be there when we got in.

We prepped Jared, just in case, and as soon as we got in the building, we beelined for Buddy.  It was a good thing we did because we were one of the last people to get in line.  Seriously, there was a girl two families back in line telling others that Buddy would be done for the day.  Once it came time to meet him, Jared, like always, froze.  Only this time, he actually posed and gave him a high-five at the end.

Since we had free admission to the museum, we let the kids explore for little bit before we left; they really like the air-flow exhibit.  Annabelle wanted to carry all of the balls home with her.  It was nice to be able to go to the museum without having to pay, and all of the waiting was worth it for a little high-five.

Friday, August 2, 2013

A Temple Walk

This equation made our morning a bit more spontaneous than originally planned.

Antsy Kids + Z & K not seeing the temple yet = Morning Temple Trip

In all seriousness, it had been a while since I took the kids to walk around, so I just used Z & K as an excuse to get out of the house and take my kids somewhere special.  Besides our home, there no place like the temple. 

It was such a beautiful morning and the kids were super good.  I even tried to get a cute picture of the three of them and the temple, but we added something to the mix that Luke has very little experience with... real grass.  Like healthy green grass.  Unless you have a permit to water, no one has grass that green--- it's probably the one thing I don't like about South Texas.  So, when I sat Luke down on the grass, he did not like it.  So, I took a couple pictures, in hopes that one looked semi-decent before I had to save my baby.

One of my favorite reasons for taking the kids to walk around the temple every few months is because they try to go in it.  Annabelle always asks if she can go in and then we talk about when she will be able to go in.  I'm so grateful that we have a temple close enough to do these kinds of adventures.  I want my children to know how important it is to strive for eternal covenants made in the temple.

This building, and the promises made inside, is the reason why mortal partings, like Granni & Jay, are able to bare.  Because of temples, we will see them again.  I hope we're doing the best we can to teach & show them--- because that's the most important part about being a parent--- showing them the way home.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Luke: 11 Months

STATS:  He's beginning to be a moose--- I'm excited to see his stats next month to see just how big he is.

SLEEP:  He still has a great sleep schedule, I should probably think about moving him to one nap a day....

FOOD:  The biggest news in this area this month is that I had to stop nursing.  Something about this time frame for babies and I get more and more infections.  I wish I understood my body a little better so I could go a little bit longer, HOWEVER I'm very grateful that I can nurse this long.  Which means he had his first waffles and milk this month.

PLAYING/TOYS: He's the mischievous little baby we've been waiting for now that he's mobile.  With that, almost everything goes in his mouth now.... what a fun age.  He REALLY likes bath time.  He splashes like he'll never get the chance to splash again and most of the time, the person who's bathing him gets a wee bit on the wet side.

PERSONALITY:  He's still cool and chill, but he'll have random moments where he'll just scream for no reason.  New trick that's not really exciting... just loud.  He's also starting to get a little bugged when Jared or Annabelle hug him too long.  He must be cuddled with before he goes to bed, which I don't mind because there will be a day when he doesn't want to do that anymore.

MILESTONES: 7/8/13-- He's fast at crawling now and today he booked it to the dishwasher to help everyone unload.  He wasn't facing me for a minute and he had dislodged the bottom rack; apparently, Luke has some muscles!  He can totally pull himself up now. *** 7/13/13- 7th tooth! *** 7/23/13-- first banana waffles

RANDOM: We absolutely ADORE Luke.


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