Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ugga Mugga

Today was a GRR-reffic day in our house because we got to meet one of the biggest celebrities the kids know--- Daniel Tiger!  He's the star of a PBS show that's spin-off of Mister Roger's Neighborhood called {Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood}.  The show is one of the cutest things ever; they have songs for each lesson of the day and I use them all the time.  Annabelle is particularly fond of him.

I literally found out about it yesterday on FB and, spur of the moment, decided to go with Annabelle's best friend, Alex.  We had a GRRreat time.  Our local PBS station pulls out all of the stops when they sponsor things.  The kids did some crafts, walked and sat on a trolley (from downtown), read some books, and got a new book to keep (even Luke).  As an added bonus, we saw some of our {Play 'n Learn} friends from the beginning of the year.

When the moment of truth arrived, the kids clammed up.  They wanted me to act as a protective barrier just in case he pounced, I guess.  Luke just stared at him the whole time and by the end, both of the big kids gave Daniel a high-five.

In the car on the way home, Annabelle mentioned how cool he was, and how she wanted to go back.  We had to remind her that Daniel had other kids to visit, but maybe he'd come back another time.  She said she might be ready to give him a hug then.  Good enough for me, little girl.

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