Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Patriotic Pictures

On Sunday, we coordinated our outfits to be Patriotic, since it was the Sunday before the Fourth, so naturally we needed to take pictures.  We had also forgotten to take our Mom's Day & Dad's Day pictures, so that made me really want to take cute coordinating pictures.

Too bad on that particular Sunday morning there was a HUGE downpour in the twenty-minute window that the kids and I arrive at church.

When we finally park, this is how it went:

Mommy:  Okay, guys, it's raining really hard out there.
J & A: *in awe* yeah...
Mommy:  So, here's what we're going to do, when I count to three, I'm going to open the doors.  I'll get Luke out of his seat and you two need to run inside to Daddy as fast as you can, okay?
J & A:  Okay...
Mommy:  One--- two.... THREE!

*Mommy opens both sliding doors and her door.  She closes her door and rushes to get Luke out of his seat quickly and closes his door.  She then walks to the sidewalk where she expects to see Jared and Annabelle running, but THEY ARE STILL INSIDE THE OPEN VAN.... staring at the rain.

Mommy (standing in the pouring rain WITH Luke--- who had no idea what was happening to him):  What are you two doing?  Out of the van and run!

Luke and I were DRENCHED for the beginning of sacrament meeting.  Looking back, I'm glad we have a funny story to tell behind

Daddy and the kidlets

Mama & the kiddos

I sure LOVE our family!

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