Monday, July 1, 2013

Luke: 10 Months

STATS:  Big boy, I really have no idea... bigger than last month.  He's as big as his 12 month old neighbor friend, so he's big. :)

SLEEP:  His sleep schedule hasn't really changed.  The only thing different is if I wait too long to put him down for his nap, he'll sit up and cry until I come and get him.  Then, I'll sway or rock with him for a few minutes and he'll go down so nicely.  He also likes it when I sing to him, currently we sing, "Good Night Lukie" and/or "I'm a Child of God."

FOOD:  Since last month, we have started him on table food.  He still nurses in the morning and at dinner; I need to start weening because I'm starting to have infection/pain problems again.  We've reintroduced bananas, but that's about the only fruit because he's still got a couple light bumps.  We tried giving him mango the other day and his face was hilarious.  Pretty sure he didn't like it.

PLAYING/TOYS: Now that he crawls he is all OVER the place. 

PERSONALITY:  This month he found his voice.  He'll grunt and squeal (he especially loves it when Jared and Annabelle play with him).

MILESTONES: 6/15/13--- He had his first (and definitely not last) taste of Japanese food.  And, just like his siblings, he loved it. *** 6/22/13--- He crawled! ***  He's also started saying the sound "Ma" a lot.  I'm not really sure if he's trying to say 'Mama' or not, but he sure loves to say it when I'm walking away or when he's mad.  *** When we visited my folks this month, he actually noticed Maggie, their cat.

RANDOM: We absolutely ADORE Luke.  

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