Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ugga Mugga

Today was a GRR-reffic day in our house because we got to meet one of the biggest celebrities the kids know--- Daniel Tiger!  He's the star of a PBS show that's spin-off of Mister Roger's Neighborhood called {Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood}.  The show is one of the cutest things ever; they have songs for each lesson of the day and I use them all the time.  Annabelle is particularly fond of him.

I literally found out about it yesterday on FB and, spur of the moment, decided to go with Annabelle's best friend, Alex.  We had a GRRreat time.  Our local PBS station pulls out all of the stops when they sponsor things.  The kids did some crafts, walked and sat on a trolley (from downtown), read some books, and got a new book to keep (even Luke).  As an added bonus, we saw some of our {Play 'n Learn} friends from the beginning of the year.

When the moment of truth arrived, the kids clammed up.  They wanted me to act as a protective barrier just in case he pounced, I guess.  Luke just stared at him the whole time and by the end, both of the big kids gave Daniel a high-five.

In the car on the way home, Annabelle mentioned how cool he was, and how she wanted to go back.  We had to remind her that Daniel had other kids to visit, but maybe he'd come back another time.  She said she might be ready to give him a hug then.  Good enough for me, little girl.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Zak & Krystal decided shortly after the folks left Seattle that they didn't want to stay there.  They wanted to be closer to family, so they've decided to move to our neck of the Texas woods.  Literally, Z got a job at our local Target.

They moved down on my birthday weekend and now Z will be staying with us and Krystal (and the animals) will be with Mom & Dad until they find a place.

Last night, Krystal came down to stay for the weekend to go apartment/house hunting, so we played some board games.  I'm excited to have them closer, and hopefully, we'll be able to make lots of memories with Zakie & Krystal.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Patriotic Pictures

On Sunday, we coordinated our outfits to be Patriotic, since it was the Sunday before the Fourth, so naturally we needed to take pictures.  We had also forgotten to take our Mom's Day & Dad's Day pictures, so that made me really want to take cute coordinating pictures.

Too bad on that particular Sunday morning there was a HUGE downpour in the twenty-minute window that the kids and I arrive at church.

When we finally park, this is how it went:

Mommy:  Okay, guys, it's raining really hard out there.
J & A: *in awe* yeah...
Mommy:  So, here's what we're going to do, when I count to three, I'm going to open the doors.  I'll get Luke out of his seat and you two need to run inside to Daddy as fast as you can, okay?
J & A:  Okay...
Mommy:  One--- two.... THREE!

*Mommy opens both sliding doors and her door.  She closes her door and rushes to get Luke out of his seat quickly and closes his door.  She then walks to the sidewalk where she expects to see Jared and Annabelle running, but THEY ARE STILL INSIDE THE OPEN VAN.... staring at the rain.

Mommy (standing in the pouring rain WITH Luke--- who had no idea what was happening to him):  What are you two doing?  Out of the van and run!

Luke and I were DRENCHED for the beginning of sacrament meeting.  Looking back, I'm glad we have a funny story to tell behind

Daddy and the kidlets

Mama & the kiddos

I sure LOVE our family!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Luke: 10 Months

STATS:  Big boy, I really have no idea... bigger than last month.  He's as big as his 12 month old neighbor friend, so he's big. :)

SLEEP:  His sleep schedule hasn't really changed.  The only thing different is if I wait too long to put him down for his nap, he'll sit up and cry until I come and get him.  Then, I'll sway or rock with him for a few minutes and he'll go down so nicely.  He also likes it when I sing to him, currently we sing, "Good Night Lukie" and/or "I'm a Child of God."

FOOD:  Since last month, we have started him on table food.  He still nurses in the morning and at dinner; I need to start weening because I'm starting to have infection/pain problems again.  We've reintroduced bananas, but that's about the only fruit because he's still got a couple light bumps.  We tried giving him mango the other day and his face was hilarious.  Pretty sure he didn't like it.

PLAYING/TOYS: Now that he crawls he is all OVER the place. 

PERSONALITY:  This month he found his voice.  He'll grunt and squeal (he especially loves it when Jared and Annabelle play with him).

MILESTONES: 6/15/13--- He had his first (and definitely not last) taste of Japanese food.  And, just like his siblings, he loved it. *** 6/22/13--- He crawled! ***  He's also started saying the sound "Ma" a lot.  I'm not really sure if he's trying to say 'Mama' or not, but he sure loves to say it when I'm walking away or when he's mad.  *** When we visited my folks this month, he actually noticed Maggie, their cat.

RANDOM: We absolutely ADORE Luke.  


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