Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Fun Times

We had lunch at the pool...

We ate frozen yogurt...

enjoyed our friends....

 Played at the pool again (we do that a lot in the summer)...
We also had some friends come over during the day.  The girl who came over was also named Annabelle; it was hilarious trying to get them to play together because then I'd be anything their name twice. "Annabelle, why don't you show Anabel your princesses?"  They looked at me so confused; I ended up just calling our Annabelle, Belle after the initial confusion.
Yesterday, we had a fun playdate at Sea World.  My friend and I both wanted to take our kids there before the craziness of summer crowding (it was the last day of school yesterday), so we decided to take our kids there for a few rides, shows and splash pad play time.  We got there at the same time and the boys started getting excited in the parking lot (the girls were excited too).

Jared and Caleb encouraged each other to ride the Shamu roller coaster; it was great to see Jared helping Caleb to realize the coaster is fun.

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