Monday, June 3, 2013

Luke: 9 Months

STATS: 29 inches (75%), 20 lbs 3oz (50%), 18 cm head (50%)

SLEEP: He still sleeps like a champ.  He has two naps, each one to two hours long.  He can miss his first nap, but no one likes that.  He sleeps from 8ish to 7ish every night.

FOOD:  Lots and lots of stuff.  Although, the doctor wants him to go on a fruit fast while diaper rash heals.  His favorite food seems to be pumpkin.  He'll eat anything too; Jared and Belle wouldn't touch peas, Luke ate them just fine.  His newest like is the dissolving baby puffs.  Since he's getting good at those, we'll probably start feeding him table food too.

PLAYING/TOYS: Luke LOVES his toys.  I've noticed he really likes his sorting bucket, Stuffed animal tree from Mema & Deda, and his Mickeys (he has three).  He likes all of his other toys too; basically, anything he can chew on is his new favorite toy.  We started playing peek-a-boo with him and he's starting to react.

PERSONALITY:  This kid so laid back.  I mean, we just made two cross-country drives and he was so easy (i.e. only fussed at the end of each driving day).  He absolutely adores his brother and sister and they adore him (almost TOO much).  He's staring to be a little bit more vocal, so we'll see how his personality changes.

MILESTONES: 5/10/13, I found his third tooth.  He got his fourth tooth while in Utah AND he's working on his fifth and sixth tooth right now. ***5/13/13, First time swimming.  He did okay.  He sat just fine in the baby float, but wouldn't get it on Saturday.*** 5/31/13, Fed himself for the first time, first time with Baby Puffs.  *** This week he's also figured out how to get from his tummy to sitting back up.  He's so close to crawling, Greg and I both think it'll happen this month.

RANDOM: Oh how we all LOVE Luke.  Seriously, none of us can get enough of him.  Jared and Annabelle encourage him to crawl and move (sometimes to the point of them trying to do it for him--- whoops).  He's such a calm personality.  He's starting to find his voice and get's really excited when the other two are happy or excited as well.  He's also starting to get upset when I leave him anywhere, so here's hoping that doesn't get too worse.  No matter what, we certainly love our little baby.

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