Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Luke: 8 Months

STATS: big

SLEEP:  I thought his sleep would be affected by the major time change, but he got up at the same time--- just two hours earlier. ;)

FOOD:  He really likes his homemade baby food, especially pumpkin, banana, carrots and applesauce--- but since it's hard to puree food on the road, we used more store-bought pouches.  He loves those.  We also introduced baby puffs and Greg sneaks him bread once in a while.

PLAYING/TOYS:  His favorite toy right now seems to be the jeep rider, since he can be up and seeing what's going on.  None of his toys have motivated him YET to crawl, but here's hoping soon.

PERSONALITY:  He's still great!  He absolutely LOVES to laugh; Jared and Annabelle are the best at getting him to laugh.  He loves to watch everything going around him; he had so many things to look at during our trip to California.

MILESTONES:  We survived his first long car trip.  He did great! *** He experience nice green grass for the first time in Cali and lasted longer than either of his siblings *** First trip to the beach *** First trip to California Adventure

RANDOM:  I feel like a broken record, but he's so much fun!  He's a great baby and is rarely upset.  Jared and Annabelle are always so good with him and he ADORES them.  He gets excited when he sees anyone he recognizes and smiles constantly.  He's a joy to have around which, I think, makes being outnumbered much easier to handle than if he was a hard baby.

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