Thursday, May 23, 2013

Granni's Obituary

Carolyn Ruth "Cari" Peterson Jackson 1935 ~ 2013

Cari Jackson passed away peacefully at her home in Layton, Utah on May 19,2013. Cari was born June 25,1935 in Salt Lake City, Utah to Ole Bertrand Jr. and Mary Alice Parker Peterson. She was especially loved by her eternal companion Lee Jackson. They were married for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple on June 25, 1954, her 19th birthday. She dearly loved her family consisting of six daughters and one son, 24 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren. She also had a very special relationship with her aunts, uncles, and cousins.

She was an artistically talented painter and seamstress, had a beautiful singing voice, participating in numerous musicals and choirs, loved to square dance, and was a fantastic cook. In order to audition for a Holly Fair display, she had to present some of her artwork to those in charge of the fair. As she was presenting her work to the organizers, neighbors in the area gathered around. As a result, all of her work was sold. On another occasion at a church bazaar in a city mall, her husband watched as on-lookers bargained to purchase her items. Cari also loved to quilt, especially when it was for her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Many of her family and friends requested her to make personal items.

Cari's passion was anxiously knowing and assisting her family in all aspects of life. She loved serving in her church, primarily in Relief Society and Primary callings. Throughout her life, she developed genuine relationships with her many, many friends.

She was preceded in death by her parents, stepmother Mina Schwartz Peterson, brother Spencer Bradley, and son-in-law Ephraim Van Dyke. Cari is survived by her husband; seven children: Shari Van Dyke, Cindy Jackman (Brett), Becky Raymond (Brett), Jared Jackson (Karen), LeAnn Rocha (John), Caryn Swann (David), and Jenni Blaser (Corey); grandchildren; great-grandchildren; and sisters Kathy Schovajsa and Debbie Belk.

Her sweet and enormous caring spirit is already missed. We love you, Sweetheart, Mom, and Granni!

Monday, May 20, 2013


Carolyn "Cari" Ruth Peterson Jackson
June 25, 1935 ~ May 19, 2013

This past weekend started like any other.  Relaxing Friday, chores/family fun time on Saturday and Sunday is Church.  At church this week, the theme seemed to be temples.  I took it as a "time to go to the temple, Amber" sort-of a message.  I didn't realize how it was preparing me for the news I'd get.

About an hour after church, I resolved myself to begin to get caught up on the blog.  I still needed to finish writing about Z & K's wedding, among other things.  I used to do this on Sundays while the rest of the family napped.  A very peaceful activity for me.  Then, my Mom & sister tried to call and text, but my phone was in the other room.  Greg woke up to get it and saw the "911 call now" text.  I knew something happened to someone.

I was lucky enough to go through almost 30 years on this earth with all four of my grandparents living.  I was EVEN more lucky to have a good relationship with all of them.  I 'regularly' called (a.k.a. once-a-month -ish) to check-in with them, especially with my Grandmas (because Grandmas always relay the information).  When I saw the text, I knew one of the four was gone; my mind automatically went to my Grandpa, since he was recently diagnosed with Dementia.  So, when my Mom broke the news that is was Granni, I was shocked.  Greg had to guide me back to the couch and then I had to calmly ask what had happened.  Basically, she passed peacefully during her sleep (the best guess is something with her heart).

So, a day later, I'm still in shock.  Flying just me to Utah is as much as driving the whole family out, so Greg is able to take Bereavement and be there for me, and the rest of the family.  We start the drive tomorrow, we'll be there sometime Wednesday--- with her funeral, and such, over the weekend (hopefully).

Granni is incredible at making each of us feel loved and special; even though there was a lot of us.  She is spunky and full of life.  She is so talented.  My kids and I all have things she made for us and now they are extra special because of this parting.  I'm not sad for her; because of the Gospel, the Holy Ghost has confirmed to me that she is peaceful, happy, not in pain, and still, present in my (and the rest of my families) life.  I'm sad for Grandad, my Dad, his sisters, their spouses, us grandkids and the great-grandkids missing her physical presence for this short time.    I'm sad that I didn't send her Mother's Day card out it time.  I'm sad that she didn't physically meet Luke.  I'm sad that I didn't call more or that I won't be able to call her again.

With the sad comes the happy. I'm so grateful for the memories:  many Christmases in Logan, eating Life & Green Jello with Carrots, receiving my graduation blanket, Granni & Grandad dropping me off at school, coming up for General Conference weekends, introducing them to Greg on one of those weekends ("so this is the guy who's important"), being in the temple together, saying 'oh brother' or 'eee-gads', calling for advice, receiving the {baby blankets} and {presents} for my kids, playing games and watching her competitive spirit, seeing them TWICE in Texas (once for a reunion and the other for my aunt's wedding).  In the pictures above, Greg sneakily took a picture of Granni and I staying warm in hotel blankets.  Even though, we're not posing for this picture, I'm so grateful to have it.  She made me feel safe and warm (and even laughed at me when I tried to stay awake with everyone else).  I'm so grateful that I did call and know, from her own words, that she was grateful for those calls, and grateful for me.

Every time I create something, I'll think of her because I know that's part of her in me.  Hopefully, Jared and Annabelle will have a couple solid memories of her, so I'm going to do my best to teach my children to emulate this amazingly compassionate, and stubbornly fiesty woman.

See you later, Granni.  We love you.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Jared: Year Five

At preschool, last month
Weight: 40 lbs--- FINALLY
Height: 44 inches
Hair: light brownish red
Eyes: dark amber brown
no teeth gained--- no teeth lost, although apparently we have to worry about six year molars next year--- yikes!
Shoe Size: 10 1/2 to 11
Clothes Size:4T pants, 5T shirts--- I bet he'll be in all 5T soon
Nicknames: Bubba, Buddy, Goofy Goober, Handsome, Big Guy
Likes: Annabelle, Luke, his stuffies & blue blanket, Star Wars toys, dinosaurs, Phineas & Ferb, reading, doing puzzles, playing the Wii, Sea World
Dislikes: being misunderstood or disciplined, when Annabelle touches his stuff (doesn't sound familiar at all)
Favorite Food:  burgers & pizza
Favorite Toys: his dinosaur k'nex, Star Wars figurines, Phineas & Ferb figures, and his Millennium Falcon
Favorite Books: scripture stories, his mini Book of Mormon, Elephant & Piggie books, we just checked out Magic Tree House and Captain Underpants, so we're going to start reading those together.
Favorite Things to Watch: Tiny Toons, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, Phineas & Ferb, Dinosaur Train, Tom & Jerry
Other New Tricks: He pretty much doesn't nap anymore, he's picking up sight word already--- I bet he'll start reading soon.
What's next: A fun and relaxing summer getting ready for KINDERGARTEN (breathe, Amber, breathe)
How he drives us crazy: He's figured out how to open the child locks on our doors, so now he'll knock on our door and then open it.  And by knock I mean, bang.... at least he doesn't barge in.*** He usually only has one volume: loud.  It gets amplified in our house and when he breaks down--- I bet the whole street can hear.*** He's smart--- which means he gets bored REALLY easily.  Ever since he was a baby, he likes to be entertained.  I love spending time with him, I just hope he finds his own quiet activities which he likes to do.
Why he's so awesome:  He's always been an amazing helper.  I usually don't have to ask him twice to do something which is nice.  He's a fantastic big brother.  Always willing to help them, and yes, a little bit on the bossy side.  We've already noticed that he's really in-tune with the Spirit.  Greg and I hope we can foster than and I really hope that doesn't change, but gets strengthened when he goes to school. Five years seems like so short, but it feels as though Jared has been apart of the family the whole time.

Happy Birthday, Buba, thanks for giving me the best gift in the world five years ago... becoming a mom.

Birthday Questions: Jared at FIVE

I can't believe Jared is FIVE!  Has it really been THAT long?  Before heading off to his Birthday Adventure at Sea World, here are the traditional birthday questions (and answers):
  1. What are 3 words that describe you? Human, Silly/Loud, Smart
  2. I'm really good at: "This is a hard question"  Building my Dinosaur Legos & Reading
  3. What makes you happy? Going to Sea World
  4. What makes you sad? When I make bad choices and go in the corner
  5. What is your favorite animal? Parasaurolophus
  6. What is your favorite food? Yakisoba
  7. What is your favorite color? GREEN!
  8. What is your favorite part about church? Having the Sacrament
  9. What is your favorite scripture story? 2,000 Warriors of the Army of Helaman
  10. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas
  11. What is your favorite treat? Chocolate Popcorn at Christmas
  12. What is your favorite type of music? Grim grin grin grinning Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion
  13. What is your favorite toy? Tag Reader & Puzzles
  14. What is your favorite sport to play? Cardinals Baseball
  15. My favorite books are: All of the books my Grandparents got me, Elephant & Piggie Books
  16. What is your favorite movie? Star Wars Episodes 4 & 5 (6 isn't my favorite because of the Rancor)
  17. Favorite TV Show? Dinosaur Train, P&F, Shaun the Sheep
  18. If I could go anywhere, I would go to: Dinosaur Land!
  19. What songs do you like to sing? Christmas songs & "As I Have Loved You"
  20. Best thing our family does together: Go everywhere in the car from one week to another week.
  21. If you could pick any pet, what would it be? Lizard
  22. When I was little I used to: I do not remember that!
  23. My best friend is: Caleb & You! (pointing to Mommy)
  24. What do you like to do with Mommy? Play games and go to YogurtZone
  25. What do you like to do with Daddy? Help him plant and build stuff.
  26. What do you like to play inside? Dinosaur legos, Stuff under my bed.
  27. What do you like to play outside? Baseball toys and dinosaur skeletons in the sandbox
  28. If I had one wish, it would be: Go to the Museum, Disneyland and Disneyworld
  29. Are you afraid of anything?  Being in the dark, being alone
  30. When I grow up, I want to be: Paleontologist
  31. Who is the coolest person you know: Caleb, and Mommy & Daddy
  32. *EXTRA*  My favorite memory is: Going to Sea World (riding the Shamu ride and seeing shows).

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Luke: 8 Months

STATS: big

SLEEP:  I thought his sleep would be affected by the major time change, but he got up at the same time--- just two hours earlier. ;)

FOOD:  He really likes his homemade baby food, especially pumpkin, banana, carrots and applesauce--- but since it's hard to puree food on the road, we used more store-bought pouches.  He loves those.  We also introduced baby puffs and Greg sneaks him bread once in a while.

PLAYING/TOYS:  His favorite toy right now seems to be the jeep rider, since he can be up and seeing what's going on.  None of his toys have motivated him YET to crawl, but here's hoping soon.

PERSONALITY:  He's still great!  He absolutely LOVES to laugh; Jared and Annabelle are the best at getting him to laugh.  He loves to watch everything going around him; he had so many things to look at during our trip to California.

MILESTONES:  We survived his first long car trip.  He did great! *** He experience nice green grass for the first time in Cali and lasted longer than either of his siblings *** First trip to the beach *** First trip to California Adventure

RANDOM:  I feel like a broken record, but he's so much fun!  He's a great baby and is rarely upset.  Jared and Annabelle are always so good with him and he ADORES them.  He gets excited when he sees anyone he recognizes and smiles constantly.  He's a joy to have around which, I think, makes being outnumbered much easier to handle than if he was a hard baby.


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