Monday, April 1, 2013

Luke: 7 Months

STATS: honestly, didn't catch them this time... kind of single-mom-ing it this past month.

SLEEP:  Still sleeps great.  8-730, with two naps during the day. (SAME--- best. baby. ever.)

FOOD:  He eats A LOT.  I forgot how much baby food you go through when the baby realizes that he likes to eat!  Right now, he doesn't seem to have favorites, just FOOD!

PLAYING/TOYS:  He grabs for toys now and tries to get them with as little movement as possible.

PERSONALITY:  We survived the month without Dad and Luke's personality is still in tact.  He's still calm and cool and fantastic!

MILESTONES:  another tooth! #3 *** He's really thinking about army-crawling, but not much movement, I guess Jared and Annabelle help him out too much.*** He had his first ride in the baby jeep *** His first Easter was the end of this month and Annabelle used the occasion to dress him in pink bunny ears; I guess that happens when you have an older sister, but I don't know much about that ;)

RANDOM:  He's so much fun.  He loves to explore, giggle and eat.  We're going to test his true baby awesomeness by taking a car trip to California this month--- so we'll see how that goes.  We love the baby Luke!

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