Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Digging for Dinos

Jared LOVES everything about Dinosaurs (like most little boys).  In fact, he tells me almost every day how he wants to be a Paleontologist when he grows up.  During {Play 'n Learn} last month, we had a day all about dinosaurs.  There was even a sand table with dinosaur skeletons to dig up.  He loved it so much, he told me later that day we could do something like that with our sand table at home.

So, on Easter morning Jared got some dinosaur skeletons in his Easter basket.  The last few days we have spent some of the afternoon digging dinosaurs.  He, and Annabelle, would probably stay out there all afternoon (if it wasn't for the HOT Texas sun, I'd let them).  When I took pictures today, they'd find all 12 of the dinosaurs and then go somewhere in the yard where they couldn't see Meg or I hide them.  (SO glad she's here while Greg goes out-of-town again for the weekend.)

Their digging styles are definitely true to their personalities: Jared would use the tools given to him to carefully brush away the sand until the whole dinosaur was uncovered, while Bellie would only uncover a little bit with the tools and then pull the dino out excitedly.  Call me crazy, but I think her way would cause the destruction of a lot of real-life fossils.  Good thing it was only pretend. :)
Auntie & Baby

Jared's self-portrait
Miss Ham-for-the-Camera
Just like a true Paleontologist, Jared knows the names to all of his dinosaurs AND he corrects us when we say them wrong.  Hilarious and sad all at the same time.  I know he's growing and changing every day, but I'm constantly marveled by just how smart he is.  It's really hard to grasp that he's almost FIVE.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Luke: 7 Months

STATS: honestly, didn't catch them this time... kind of single-mom-ing it this past month.

SLEEP:  Still sleeps great.  8-730, with two naps during the day. (SAME--- best. baby. ever.)

FOOD:  He eats A LOT.  I forgot how much baby food you go through when the baby realizes that he likes to eat!  Right now, he doesn't seem to have favorites, just FOOD!

PLAYING/TOYS:  He grabs for toys now and tries to get them with as little movement as possible.

PERSONALITY:  We survived the month without Dad and Luke's personality is still in tact.  He's still calm and cool and fantastic!

MILESTONES:  another tooth! #3 *** He's really thinking about army-crawling, but not much movement, I guess Jared and Annabelle help him out too much.*** He had his first ride in the baby jeep *** His first Easter was the end of this month and Annabelle used the occasion to dress him in pink bunny ears; I guess that happens when you have an older sister, but I don't know much about that ;)

RANDOM:  He's so much fun.  He loves to explore, giggle and eat.  We're going to test his true baby awesomeness by taking a car trip to California this month--- so we'll see how that goes.  We love the baby Luke!


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