Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spontaneous Sea World Morning

Yesterday was supposed to be a typically Saturday.  However, Greg and I changed our minds in the middle of breakfast and decided on a whim to spend the morning at Sea World.  We can do that now, since we have passes.  We're usually not this spontaneous, but we wanted to start the month off with a fun family memory since most of the month is going to be a challenge.

We literally only spent a couple hours there.  We went to the Sea Lion show (since we missed it last time), played on these crazy high nets in the kiddo area, rode the Merry-go-Round (Jared & I rode the Shamu coaster) and then went home just in time for lunch.

The nets had to have been the most memorable thing of the day.  They are literally as high as three flights of stairs.  Jared was all over the nets and then got to one of those fabric tubes.  They are suspended high over the ground, connecting the two different areas.  Jared needed someone to go with him, and since Greg was wearing Luke, I got to do it.  Oh my goodness,  I didn't know I was scared of heights until I got in that tube with my son.  The whole time walking across I thought of things like the weight limit, the ware of the straps, the frequency of quality control checks and it didn't phase Jared at all.

Relaxing in the nets
 After we crossed, Greg, Belle and Luke met us on nets to do a little climbing.  Jared didn't want any help (unless someone *cough* Greg was bouncing the ropes) and Belle wanted to be carried the whole way up--- which didn't happen.  She finally started going when she realized she was safe; she wouldn't go on the coaster or in the tube because she didn't think they were safe.  The best part about those nets was that it was something the whole family could do; Greg and I didn't just sit on the side, we actually got up and had fun with the kids.

This is the reason why we wanted to get Sea World passes this year.  Random days where we just go and have fun.  The kids now ask every day if we can go, I can't blame them, it was exciting to do something spontaneous.

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