Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Luke: 6 Months

STATS: 18 lbs, 27 1/2 inches, 27 head circum

SLEEP:  Still sleeps great.  8-730, with two naps during the day.

FOOD:  He finally turned the 'I like other food' corner.  This month he tried: mangoes, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, and pumpkin... he REALLY likes Pumpkin.

PLAYING/TOYS:  He's trying to grab for the toys around him, hopefully that encourages him to roll a little more often.

PERSONALITY:  Still chill and so so happy.  He loves watching Jared and Annabelle do pretty much anything. Hopefully he continues to be chill while Greg goes on travel for most of March.

MILESTONES:  rolled back to front 2/4, sat up alone 3/1

RANDOM:  He's getting big, so hopefully he starts moving some more.  He's happy and healthy, so we're trying not to worry.  He's a blessing and I can't believe he's already six months old. 

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