Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quick Visit from Oba & Jiji

 It's no secret my parents aren't too fond of Seattle.  They have good friends and Z met Krystal there, so it's not horrible, they've just been itching to move.  Well, it's finally happening and they're moving with driving distance to us, just north of Austin.

Cabinet Hiding
So, last week, Jiji needed to come out on business for a few days and after he was done, Oba flew into our neck of the woods.  Then, we spent Saturday looking for house for them to move into; we drove up to and back from the Round Rock/ Georgetown area--- that's about four hours in the car with three kids under five.  To keep them happy, we watched both a Star Wars and Princess movie (plus they played with the Magnetic Games I made them).

IKEA fun
FUNNY ANNABELLE STORY:  We're at this fantastically overpriced house in perfect neighborhood my folks want to be in and all of the sudden, we can't find Annabelle.  We start to search and find her on the toilet.  She casually looked up and said:  "I had to poop."  The realtor's response:  "The water's turned off."  He didn't seem upset, in fact, all of us adults couldn't stop laughing.  She had to go, so she went.  We had go turn the water on in order to flush Annabelle's business.  Hilarious.

After house-hunting, we made the obligatory stop at IKEA to get some neat new furniture that will totally change how we live. {Honestly, it's more of a 'sorry I'm on business for three weeks in March, honey, here's a new piece of furniture' gift.}  We even had dinner at Salt Lick with Gramma, since she's in town hiding from the snow in Massachusetts.

We had a nice time together, and the kids were troopers for being bunched in the car for so long.  On the way home Jared was so tired of being in the car he exclaimed: "let's not drive up to Georgetown again!"  Oh, to have the time perception of a four-year-old.

On Sunday, they were lucky enough to be here to see how we still have a friendly Super Bowl get together.  This year we added a predictions poster; I think that's permanent tradition.  Surprisingly, Greg was the closest (I taught him all he knows).  A great time was had, yet again, however, the only picture I remembered to take was of the trifle (it was a good trifle).  In fact, these three pictures are the only ones I took of the whole visit.  Epic fail.

They ended up going up again on Monday to look at more houses, hopefully they found one.  If they did, they should be here sometime in March.  I think the last time we lived this close was when they live in Boise and that was a five hour drive.  This time it's about a two-hour drive.

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