Monday, February 11, 2013

Quick Gramma Visit

Gramma Barb came down to our neck of the woods to escape from the cold and wet of the East Coast--- only to visit on a rainy day.  We decided to make the best of a rainy day and take our first trip to Sea World with our new annual passes.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

It did turn out fine, maybe a little wet and cold, but with warm waterproof jackets, we had lots of fun.

We ended up exploring most of the park.  We went to both aquariums and the kids wouldn't stop telling us what they were seeing.  Jared wanted to drag Gramma everywhere; her hand in one of his hands with a map of the park in another.

Ride-wise: Jared and I went on the kid Shamu roller coaster; he loved it, I was a little shaky.  Annabelle was so bummed she wasn't tall enough to ride the coaster that we had to go try one she could ride.  Even though she could ride a fishy-tilt-a-whirl didn't mean she liked it; in fact, she screamed the whole time, asking to get off.  Poor girl.  I cuddled with her and tried to stay positive about the whole experience.

After the rides, the rides realized they were so hungry and it started to rain, so we ran to the closest restaurant to us--- which ended up being a pizza/pasta bar.  It was a nice place to wait out the rain to figure out what shows we could catch.

Show-wise: We were able to see two of the three main shows; the beauty about having passes is that we can catch it next time.  We saw the dolphin cirque de sole which ended up having a surprise beginning that the kids LOVED.  Then, we saved Shamu for last.  Seeing those majestic animals up close was amazing; and they even have a new calf in their midst.

After Shamu, the kids were done, so we left and had dinner at Red Robin with Gramma before she had to go.  It stinks that we only get to see Gramma once or twice a year now, but we're certainly grateful we get to see her at all.  We love Gramma Barb!

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