Thursday, February 28, 2013

Park Fun & Mommy-Daughter Date

Today, the kids and I needed an adventure, so we went to the Swing park.

Jared tried something new this time.  A swinging platform crossing he was scared of last time.  He was able to cross and take an awesome picture of the occasion.

Annabelle particularly enjoyed the slide and, of course, the swings.  She and the slide had an electric relationship this time--- full of static and awesome hair.

Luke really like the baby swings again.  I swing him from the front so he can see me and he was giggling every time he got close to me.  Hilarious.

After dinner that night, Annabelle and I went on a Mommy-Daughter date for Frozen Yogurt.  Her quote from the night: "I love being with you without the boys."  Yep, baby, everyone needs a little girl time.

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