Friday, February 1, 2013

Luke: 5 Months

STATS: We forgot to get them...and I completely forgot to write this update last month... sheesh--- one of these days, I will catch up.  (if I keep saying that it'll happen, right?)

SLEEP:  This kid sleeps great.  Now that I wrote that down it's totally going to change.  He has two or three naps a day (depending on how the day goes) for at least an hour a piece.  He sleeps from 9 to 730--- seriously AWESOME baby.

Naps change because we usually run errands right in the middle of his morning nap (which is his favorite one).  When you put him down in his crib, he gets slightly excited, smiles big and grabs for his blanket to chew on.  It's super cute (and now I remember why all three of our kids have lovey blankets).

FOOD:  He still very much likes his 'Mama Time'--- as well he should.  He eats four times a day.  We started other foods this past month.  As of this date, he's tried:  baby cereal, applesauce, pears, and bananas.  He's still a little wary about food, so we just take it day-by-day.  One day, probably soon, he'll realize what that whole eating other things is all about.

PLAYING/TOYS:  Another big milestone this month--- he started playing with toys around him.  He now notices the things around him and even started grabbing for them.  He's still working on that, after all, he is a baby.  He seems to really like his carseat toys, even though he doesn't have a carseat handle anymore.

PERSONALITY:  He's so chill--- and happy.  He's hardly even upset, so when he is, we know it's a big deal.  He's gotten a little more sensitive over the last couple of days, so Greg and I are guessing a tooth is around the corner.  The only thing he seems to absolutely despise is being on his tummy too long.  He's big enough that he could physically roll over, he just doesn't like to be on his tummy long enough.

MILESTONES:  rolled over on 1/9--- found his toes 1/10-- grabbed for toys 1/13--- ate solid foods 1/18 ---moved out of his infant carrier seat 1/26 ---first time in a shopping cart seat 2/1

RANDOM:  Jared and Annabelle make him laugh the most.  He thinks they are the silliest thing.  He also likes it when we sing-song his name to the 'Star Wars' theme (yeah, I know we're not helping him at all).  Since he is so big, I wouldn't be surprised if he can sit up before he starts doing the 'mobile rolling' thing.  I guess we'll see.

It's so hard to believe it's already been FIVE MONTHS.  Just like the other two, I remember what it was like not to have him, but it feels like he's always been apart of the family.  

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