Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year: Italian Style

Our friends had their annual "early NYE in a different country" party and this year we celebrated Italian-style.  It was a lot of fun. In honor of the holiday most famous for a countdown, I present to the blogosphere...

 Top Ten Memories of New Year's Eve 2012:

10. Mustaches & Beards--- EVERYWHERE!

9. Accent Contest... Jessica and I had some fun with this. :)

8. Yummy Italian Food like pizza, Caesar salad, cheese, meat, grapes, homemade biscotti and 'gelato' sundae bar... I think, they liked it.

7. Italian Tradition of Throwing old pots & pans out the window--- kids thought it was hilarious!

6. Luke & Briana cuddling for their first New Year's party

5. Airplane Building Contest (you know, 'cause Da Vinci built contraptions--- hmmm... one of the contestants is kind of hairy)

4. Newspaper Sculpture Building Contest.  We weren't the most creative, but we were certainly the tallest!

3. Photos in Italy... or least an awesome backdrop which makes it FEEL like Italy.

2. Fireworks! Greg brought home his noise-cancelling headphones and Annabelle was brave enough to come outside and watch this year. Jared got as far as the garage--- we're getting him closer!

1. The Great Balloon Drop & subsequent balloon madness which is always fantastic!  Greg even got involved this year.

Here's the actual countdown in video:

The NYE party has got to be one of the best traditions that we do! Happy 2013!

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