Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bat Baby

Just before Halloween, I went to a Consignment sale with the girls.  We go every six months and I get amazing deals on lots of different things.  I think Greg is secretly afraid of what I may come home with.

At the sale, I found this ADORABLE baby romper PERFECT for Halloween.  Perfect, everywhere, except Texas, when it's still 80+ degrees outside.  Plus, I had to make Luke's first Halloween costume anyway.

I still got the jumper and it's finally cold enough for him to wear it.  Here he is...


Seriously, how cute is he?!  I added the ears and the cape with a little bit of my extra felt.  It's hard not to run him around the house humming the Batman theme.

Plus, since I'm a Nerd Mom like that, I simply had to have a picture with all of my kids, including Bat-Baby.

Being a baby and a superhero is tiring work.

He should know because he's Bat-Baby!

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