Saturday, December 8, 2012

Weekly Gems

*This week I did it!  I went to the store with three kids ALONE!  Desperation (in the form of preschool preparation) will do that to a woman.  The kids were great; apart from making sure they didn't run off because I don't have enough hands, everyone was happy, listened and no one had a meltdown.  I know that won't always happen, but it was nice to have it happen on the first time.

*Luke had his first hospital visit last night and early this morning; we had to miss the the ward Christmas party because of it.  Unfortunately, it seems as though Luke is susceptible to croup.  He had a really rough time breathing last night, so I had to take him to the hospital to get him to calm down.  Basically, the whole time was watching to make sure he was okay.  We did a couple breathing treatments and gave him steroids and he fell asleep.  Luckily, he slept through a lot of the visit, while I read on my Kindle.  The above picture is the sweet sleeping boy in my arms.  

*Like I said above, I'm teaching preschool this month.  The best part of teaching during the month of December is doing lots of fun Christmas crafts with the kids.  I was really worried about teaching and taking care of Annabelle and Luke, but they've been great.  Luke sleep right through it and Annabelle enjoys and participates in everything.

*Speaking of Annabelle, she's got to be one of the sassiest little girls EVER.  And I don't mean it in a bad way either.  During preschool this month, she's takes charge and starts bossing the other kiddos around--- even though she's almost two years younger than them.  "Guys we have to sit on the caterpillar for circle time," "Be sure to give me a job, Mommy," that kind of stuff.

Another sassy thing she did was this: one day this week, while the kids were playing she turned to Jared and said: Jared, you can't like princesses because they're girls, but I can't like Star Wars because of Princess Leia.  Oh, the logic of a three-year-old.

*Between preschool and running errands with my three amigos, we are doing lots of fun Christmas activities.

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