Monday, December 31, 2012

Random Montly Musings

Maybe if I do it at the end of the month, I'll be able to keep up with the updating.  It's the time of year for resolutions.... so this I resolve!

Poor Luke hasn't been feeling well, so we went to the doctor.  It was the whole 'I can't do anything did it's probably just a virus' routine.  So, we wait it out and hope he doesn't get more sick.   On a positive note, we found out he's 14 lbs 5.4 oz.
The kids were at a friend's house the other day watching Toy Story 2.  They got to the part *spoiler alert* when Zurg reveals his paternal relationship to Buzz.  Apparently Jared stated laughing and said, "That's just like Star Wars."  Yep, the four year old got a cultural reference.  Hilarious.
Annabelle had her own Star Wars epiphany this week.  One morning she randomly turned to Jared and said:  "Jared, you can't like princesses because they're girls, but I can like Star Wars because of Princess Leia."
Christmas was a lot of fun.  Great memories and I've got a few things to write about.
Luke upgraded to his crib after our Christmas visitors.  So now the boy's room is actually the boy's room.  They are both adjusting well, so far.  Since Luke was a quiet, we adjusted just fine to having our room back.
Tonight we have the annual party at our neighbor's house, Italian style.  Should be a fun way to ring in 2013 a little early. :)

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