Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas was lots of fun this year.  Mema & Deda came out to celebrate.

Saturday & Sunday
We didn't do much, but the fun things we normally do with Mema & Deda: read, walk and enjoy being together.  Most of the time, they'd take the big kids out while I'd have to take care of Luke.  It was fun and peaceful. It's one of the fantastic reasons for living in South Texas--- the weather every other time of the year than summer. :)

With Greg's new calling, he left us on Sunday morning to enjoy getting the kids ready for Christmas Sunday. Since we had three adults to three kids, I was even able to finish the boys' Christmas ties in time for pictures and church.  Church ended up being wonderful and a great way to lead into Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Monday-Christmas Eve

Since the Baxters had family in town, they hosted our annual 'Family-ship' Christmas Eve dinner.  Potluck yumminess + new tradition of minute-to-win-it games + hand chimes = a memorable evening.  Jared was adamant on trying games this time; so he tried the game where you had to move a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your arms.  He tried his best, and it was definitely picture-worthy.  We didn't keep track of time, this time, which ended up being great.  We just tried the silly games and had fun!

After the games, Lon pulled out the hand chimes and his posters to go with it.  It was the pure definition of 'organized chaos' but I absolutely loved it.  The reason it seemed like chaos was because we needed everyone, including the little kids, to have their own chime--- which meant chimes would go off willy-nilly whenever they were accidentally hit.  Lon tried so hard to keep everyone under control, but to no avail, and it was still perfect. Perfect because we were together with ones we cared about.  Maybe one of these years, we'll be able to get my side down here as well, so it's completely with the ones we love.

Once the party was over, we had to head home for our own family traditions.  The kids have figured it out by now, and were ready for opening one present.  Jared and Belle both loved their new jammies; Jared head-to-toe Agent P and Annabelle with the Angry Birds.  Mema helped Luke open his and he was the cutest snow penguin around.  This year, I surprised Greg with our own new jammies; matching shirts I made for us to where Christmas morning.

Then, it was to bed, to wait for Santa to come.

Tuesday- Christmas

Jared was the first of the kids up, but we were still able to beat him and get the Monkey Bread started. I'm definitely enjoying the time before they wake us up at 5 in the morning--- I know it'll happen one of these years.  Once he was awake, it was hard for him to contain his excitement.  We had to pry Annabelle and Luke out of bed, so Jared wouldn't open everything without them.

The morning was then full of opening presents, huge smiles and lots of hugs and loves. Then, the rest of the day was full of playing with new gifts, and prepping for dinner.  We decided to have the missionaries over for dinner this year.  Greg and I both really like to have them over at least one holiday a year, and this year ended up being Christmas.  They brought a nice message about Christ and made me reflect on the many blessings we have.

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