Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekly Gems

**In an effort to keep me caught up on the blog and not continually behind, I'm going to attempt to write down random bits from the week and publish them at the end of the week.  Anything's worth a shot to start a good habit up, right?**
At the beginning of the week, Caleb came over for a few hours to hang out while his folks spent quality sick time together.  Since I was severely outnumbered, we spent some of the time outside.  Caleb's ability to pump on the swings FINALLY motivated Jared to do the same.  Annabelle still doesn't want to do it, but it's awesome to hear Jared proclaim:  "Look Mommy, I'm doing it/swinging/pumping."

We also colored some Turkeys for Thanksgiving.  Notice how all three are not looking--- at least Bellie is trying.

Our most recent orders of diapers came this week.  275 size 2 diapers, to be exact.  So many diapers... we'll see how long they last....

Jared LOVES to be like his Daddy.  So much so, I caught this picture of them reading the paper together.  Priceless.

Took Luke and Annabelle for their Well-Kiddo Checkups.  Both are doing great.  Tall skinny kids with big heads; no surprise there.  Luke did great with his shots too (and he looked so cute in a hand-me-down from Jared).

Last but not least, I caught this picture of the boys yesterday morning.  Be still my beating heart.

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