Monday, November 12, 2012

Visiting Fun

Here's a couple highlights from the rest of the trip:

Hanging Out Fun

In general, we just LOVED being around our loved ones we hardly get to see.  It was extra special to see my Grandma & Grandpa because we see them MAYBE once-a-year.  The kids had fun convincing Gpa to get his iPad out for games; I had to gently remind them a few times to go do something else with Great-Grandpa.  It was also the first time since Z & K's wedding that we saw Parker--- so the second time in the last two years.  Since Deda was involved, there was lots of reading together; and Mema did some coloring & outside fun with the kids.  Plus, everyone had their fair share of baby Luke bonding.  Great Gma even got him to smile and I think it made her year.  It was adorable.

Dinner Fun

Another fun thing we did was go out to dinner.  The first night with all of the grandparents, we went as one big party to Chuy's.... mmmm... so good.  Since Gma & Gpa had never been to Driftwood, we spent the last night of their visit making the trek up to The Salt Lick for the best BBQ around.  Always so fun and always so delicious.  Gma's reaction to her first bite was priceless, plus, Luke needed to have his first visit.  It's just that yummy.

Duck Pond

After we dropped Gma & Gpa off at the airport, and Greg had to work, we decided to go to the duck pond--- because it's just THAT fun.  The ducks were particularly fiesty with each other and us this time... it might have something to do with us bringing tortillas to feed them... it's a bread-like...  Annabelle got so nervous, she had to take her normal perch on top of the chess table.  After we ran out of tortillas, we went & explored the actual playscape at the park.  The kids had a blast

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