Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving was great this year.  In our little family-ship, it was my turn to host Thanksgiving, so we turned our downstairs in a banquet hall.  We had our H Street this year (Baxter & Ottleys were gone) plus another fantastic family in our ward to join in for the adventure.  Even though we only added one extra family, we doubled the kids--- which ended up being a lot of chaotic fun!  All we needed was a classic holiday card table for extra seating.

As usual, we had a great time.  We fried the bird & made sure Pumpkin Pie was in supply.  I'm pretty sure Greg gets a little excited every time he gets to use his deep-fryer.  Kim & Margaret took on the rest of the food--- which was divine.

My big project of the holiday was to make turkey placemats for all of the kids in attendance.  So, my grand total was 10... I may have been a little over-ambitious (Greg would say 'as usual').  But, it was all worth it when they realized that they could keep the placemats for future turkey holiday endeavors.

Our friendships here make the holidays even sweeter since we don't have many close relatives near by.  Over the years we've been here, they've turned into our pseudo-family and that is definitely one thing I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving.

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