Friday, November 30, 2012

Mostly Weekly Gems

*This week has been a hard week here.  Everyone came down with something--- we think Lukie might even be teething.  Jared was so sick, he even had to skip preschool and we had to go to the doctor to get a breathing treatment.  Jared's best friend, Mr. Nebulizer, returned.

*Jared had another moment when he proved to be just how grown up he's becoming.  He was looking through one of our church board books about Jesus and read a couple of the words on the page.  It was fantastic, but so hard to believe that he's growing up.

*One of my favorite things about the little baby phase is when Greg falls asleep with them.  It's so adorable.

*Since it's after Thanksgiving, we put up the tree.  And not just any tree... our new tree.  It's one of my favorite parts about the Christmas holiday because it's a symbol there the whole time.  The kids were so excited with each ornament--- especially the ones with stories or the Disney ones my folks just passed down to us.

*We haven't had a family picture taken since Luke's newborns, so we attempted to do so after we put up the tree... with interesting results.

Definitely an interesting week.

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