Thursday, November 8, 2012

Luke's Blessing Visit

We had a great time with all of our visitors for Luke's blessing.  We were so busy the whole time; even though we had a lot of fun, we're grateful to have just the five of us again.

Wednesday, Halloween:
We had a great time with Great-Gma & Gpa.  I'm so glad they were able to come and visit just a little bit early and spend some 'alone' time with us.

Thursday & Friday, More Visitors Arrive:
Mema & Deda then arrived on Thursday and Oba, Jiji and Park arrived the next day.  We spent those days spending time together and prepping for Luke's blessing.  We even went out to dinner to celebrate Annabelle's birthday a little early.

Saturday, SwRi Six Flags Day:
Greg's annual work party happened to be the week we wanted to have Luke's blessing.  So, we asked everyone who would be in town if they wanted to go--- we also thought it would be fun as a celebration for Luke and an early celebration for Annabelle's birthday.  This day needs its own post.

Sunday, The Blessing Day:
This day was such a great day.  Greg did an amazing job and Luke was wonderful.  And, as per tradition in our ward, he wasn't the only baby blessed that day.  His blessing buddy: Leah.  Yep, that wasn't a typo--- Luke & Leah.  It may be spelled differently, but I can't wait for them to be in primary classes together.  Their cool teachers will get it.  The rest of the day will get it's own post.

We spent Monday through today saying good-bye and doing little things here and there. (Plus, I needed to get ready for a RS meeting tonight).  This needs it own post as well.

Like I said before, it was a fun and wonderful visit, but it's really nice to have things back to normal.  We're so grateful for all of the people who care for us.  We feel so loved and happy to share our family with everyone.  

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