Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Luke: 2 Months

I'm a little late on this because of the craziness that was his blessing visit, but it's better late then never, right?

STATS:  13.2 lbs, 24 inches, 16 cm head circumference (all 75%)

SLEEP:  He sleeps really well for a two month old.  He only wakes up once and it's after a nice 6-7 hour stretch.  The biggest adjustment is getting my body used to him sleeping.  During the day, he fluctuates between two and three naps, I guess it means we might want to think about adjusting to two naps--- but that'll mean that he's growing up and it feels like he's doing that too fast. :)

FOOD:  Obviously, it's still all Mama-Milk.  It's about six times a day now.  Plus, we're still not having any problems--- let's hope it stays that way.

PLAYING/TOYS:  He's starting to notice things around him, but it's only looking around and such.  He's smiled at us, especially Annabelle.  We've put things on his carseat, but he hasn't started grabbing at them, only staring.

PERSONALITY:  Still a super chill baby.  He doesn't really cry, unless he's super tired or in pain.  Now that's he awake a little more, it'll be fun to see his personality come out.

MILESTONES:  First real smile--- first laugh --- holding his head steady--- noticing things around him

RANDOM:  Luke's personality has made adjusting to three kids easier than we thought.  Don't get me wrong, it's still hard, but the little happy boy makes it worth it.  He's totally got all four of us wrapped around his finger; I'm pretty sure the kids are just waiting for Luke to be aware enough to play with.

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