Friday, November 23, 2012

Gratitude Turkey 2012

Another year, another gratitude turkey.

GWEG: Temple, Tums, Superman~, The Spirit, Habenero BBQ sauce, Mommy, our family, Jared, Annabelle, frosting, good job, The Highlander, nice co-workers, peace & quiet, soothing music, date night, doctors, friends, Mommy's smile, silliness, smiles, peanut oil

AMBO: Personal Revelation, Creamy Jalapeno, Goliath~, The Priesthood, Open Pits, Liberty, Technology, frozen yogurt, Daddy, Annabelle, military, music, hobbies, missionaries, working cars, date night, Luke, church, Jared, good deals, my body, friends

JARED: Playing with my toys, Family, Strawberry Spinning Ride~, Our house, FOOD, Preschool, Having fun at the Duck Park, playground, Texas, treats, good sleeps, playtime with Caleb, clothes, movies we have, grandparents, pictures we have, animals, friends, pictures in my bedroom, Jesus, Heavenly Father, flowers

ANNABELLE: Princesses, Star Wars, Log Ride~, Food, Mommy & Daddy, New ring, Tom the Turkey, nightgowns, bananas, birthdays, milk, swings, new movies, duck park, new purse, Luke, Jesus, family, pink blanket, peanuts, Texas, my body

LUKE*: burping, clean diapers, milk, Daddy, Comfy Car Seat, growing BIG, silly adults, nap time, car rides, warm jammies, car seat tent, sunshine, warm pants, Jared, Annabelle, Mommy, going pee-pee, ceiling fan, jungle gym, sleep, laughter, warm blankets

*The other four of us took turns figuring out what Luke was probably most grateful for that day.  If it were completely up to Annabelle, he would have been grateful for milk and poop all month.  She probably isn't too far from the truth.
~Six Flags Picnic Day

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