Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Annabelle's Birthday

Annabelle's actual birthday was very low-key because of the craziness of the days before.  She loved everything we did for the decorations--- all we really added were the streamers on the door, but they always seem to get a kick out of those!

When she came downstairs and saw what was waiting for her, it was priceless.  Bellie has always loved Jared's Batman Trike, so she's been asking for something similar.  Well, I found something like it at our semi-annual consignment sale--- a little pink bike!  She was so happy.  So happy, in fact, that she had to try it out before she even got out of her jammies:

We spent the rest of the day lazily getting our Saturday things done.  Annabelle picked the lunch menu (mac & cheese) and had a nice restful naptime.  After that, we decided to  going to Chili's for dinner (where she had mac & cheese AGAIN).  This dinner was rather amusing because Jared and Annabelle both decided to try Fried Onion Strips.  Greg and I both warned them saying that they normally don't like onions, but they can try them again.  Annabelle piped up, "but I'm three now, Mama, maybe I'll like it."  She's never had that attitude about trying new foods--- maybe it's a sign of growing up.... Anyway, their attempts at trying the onions were so funny--- we had to take pictures of it.

When we got home, the kids spent time cruising back-n-forth down the street, practicing their new skills.

Jared tried to show Annabelle how to do it, but it's a little different on a bike and she really didn't want to listen to him boss her around--- especially on her birthday.  Luke spent this time chilling in the baby seat and making cute little coo noises every so often.  He's already getting so big!  Annabelle was apprehensive, at first--- for maybe a second, and then wanted to go full speed.  Since, I got the bike pre-owned, it has a few things to be adjusted, but she was in heaven anyway After the lesson, we ended the day with cake and friends.  Our little princess was happy the whole day and that's what matters.

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