Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mema Visits: Park Fun

One of the kid's favorite things to do when Mema & Deda visits is go on outdoor adventures.  So, we went to the park a few times while Mema visited.  Mema even took Jared and Annabelle out a few times, so Luke and I could catch up on some much needed sleep.
Mema: The Professional Swinger
Slides are more fun with friends

The two park trips that I went on as well were lots of fun.  First, we went to the 'Big Park' (as my kids like to call it) for a lunch park playdate with our closest neighbor friends.  Annabelle & Alex had a monopoly on Mema pushing them on the swings.  It was really cute.  Jared & Caleb pretty much spent the time running around oblivious to Alex, Annabelle, and Elise chasing after them.

Another day, Mema & I decided everyone needed a few moments outside, so we ventured over to our small neighborhood park.  I wore Luke (as a sort of practice for Super Saturday) and the big kids ran around and played while Mema & I talked.  Besides chasing each other around, they really liked to test their arm and grip strength by playing 'monkey.'  One guess as to who named the game (*cough cough* Annabelle).

My favorite part of that adventure was when the kids wanted to be chased so Mema & I turned into Mema & Mommy Monsters (even while wearing a sleeping 6 week old).  It was so much fun chasing them around.  It's the simple moments of being a Mom that really are the best.

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