Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lunchin' at the Park

As part of preschool Halloween celebrations, we decided to have a lunch celebration at the part today.  Our family was definitely ready for it; Annabelle LOVES when she gets to go to preschool with Jared.

AND since it was lunch at the park, we were able to invite friends who aren't apart of preschool--- which means only one thing in our family:  Alex & Caleb were able to come.

Annabelle & Alex spent most of the time running after each other, while Jared & Caleb did the same.  They even created a new game on the swings:

Obviously they thought it was HILARIOUS. (it was)

Luke was the good little baby that he is and enjoyed lots of cuddles in the Ergo (still love it).

Now to get ready for the barrage of visitors who start to arrive TOMORROW for Halloween, Greg's work picnic and Luke's blessing!

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