Sunday, October 21, 2012

Friendly Weekend Hike

During the week, while enjoying our semi-annual adventures in consignment sales, Kim brought up the idea of going on a family group picnic/hike at Eisenhauer Park.  The group consisted of a first-grader, six preschoolers/toddlers and two babies---- plus all of the parents--- so why not?!  Even though we had so many little feet along for the ride, we had a great time.

First thing's first, we had to have the picnic part of the adventure.  We didn't want to have hungry kiddos on the hike.

After food, it was off to the races.  The gaggle of kids had fun taking turns running ahead, falling behind and riding in the stroller (that Michelle was smart enough to bring--- genius!).  Half-way up the hill, we stopped for a water/rest/duck-duck-goose break.  Luke mostly needed a break from getting too sweaty in the Ergo (I know I've mentioned this before but--- BEST baby carrier EVER--- seriously).

Once we were all re-hydrated, we were unstoppable, until we arrived at our destination--- the lookout tower.  The kids were all so excited to have a tangible 'woo-hoo, look what we accomplished' destination; not to mention, the view was gorgeous.

We all took some time taking pictures.... even tried to take a family picture (with a few extra kids).  In the short time we rested at the tower: Annabelle (and the rest of the girls plus Alex) tried to find the best rocks to take home, Caleb tried fervently to woo Abby, Jared planned our route back (the kid really likes to hold and look at maps), and the babies did what babies do best--- slept through it all.

Going up the hill, we were all pretty much together the whole time.  Going down the hill, we were much more spread out.  Greg and Josh tried to explore off the path with Annabelle and Elise.  After he caught up, I passed Luke to Greg because we were both wet from all of the sweat (because of his outfit Greg couldn't resist a pose or two--- after I taught him how to do it correctly).  Annabelle then asked if she could be carried, so I tested out the Ergo's back-carrying capabilities.  Totally passed; I was really amazed at how little pressure I felt on my back.

After our tiring journey was complete, we decided the best way to celebrate was by getting some frozen custard.  Greg and I have continually said how grateful we are to have a great group of friends.  We feel very blessed to have them in our lives.

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