Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fiesta Pumpkin Patch

Since we didn't go to a pumpkin patch last year, I really wanted to take the kids this year.  Greg's only stipulation was 'not a lot of driving involved,' so we met half-way and went to a pumpkin patch just down the street from us.

Friday night, a big storm rolled through (with a cold front), so, Saturday morning, we debated not going to the patch and just getting pumpkins at the store again, but decided we should at least try to go.  It ended up being a wise-choice because we had the farm all to ourselves.  It was so nice, we realized we should've invited our friends along as well--- maybe next year (wink, wink).

Other than things being a little damp, we had a great time.  We fed bunnies, goats and pigs; we even had a little piglet follow us around the whole time we were there (I nicknamed him Wilbur).  Jared plucked up enough courage to get in the sheep pen and pet a couple (Annabelle just stayed at the door).  Right before we picked our our pumpkins, the kids each had a pony ride (they're experts now).

Funny Story:  We were walking around the farm, looking at the animals and we see the turkeys.  Jared turns to us and asks, "are those turkeys the same ones we eat?"  Our response: "yep"  He pauses for a moment and says "yummmm"  Just don't let the turkeys hear you say that, buddy.

We saved the pumpkin-picking for last.  Since I have a family full of pumpkin-guts haters, we only picked out one pumpkin to carve.  Annabelle picked out two little pumpkins for the same price (she said one was for Luke), as Jared's pumpkin (they were both adamant that their pumpkins were NOT going to be carved).

During the short car ride home, the kids asked if we could come back.  Glad to know they had a good time.

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